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Minimum: $1

Maximum: $10,000

Total ROI: 150%


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Minimum: $10

Maximum: $10,000

Total ROI: 170%


After 3 days

Minimum: $30

Maximum: $10,000

Total ROI: 500%

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Total Return


Total Profit


Today deposited: $29,017.64  Today withdrawn: $40,159.38 Total Members:2130 Running Days: 70  Visitors online: 60 Last update: Aug 2, 2021
BitBrewery open for business Get paid to HODL your crypto with BitBrewery! Let’s redefine success by teaming up now. BitBrewery is your new way to earn on the blockchain.

May-24-2021 09:41:32 AM

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BitBrewery is a blockchain-based investment firm which provides members access to earning dollars using their cryptocurrency as collateral. Members of the BitBrewery network can also earn interest on their Payeer or PerfectMoney dollars deposited with BitBrewery. We're developing a new wave of financial products to the digital currency market in order to bring the next 100 million people into blockchain. Our focus is always on our members. BitBrewery investment products are designed to work in the best interest of its members instead of trying to make as much profit as possible. Let’s do it!

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From traceable supply chains to permanent identity for refugees, Blockchain is pioneering transparent and secure business processes. Blockchain technology has emerged as one of the most promising services in the recent years. It holds tremendous potential to transform the workings of the financial sector. Living in a highly digitalized world, a range of large and medium-sized enterprises are exploring blockchain technology services in order to make a place in this competitive market.

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